Watch this video to find out exactly what you get in The Marketing System.

When you subscribe to The Marketing System you get:

  • Five proven systemisation seminars that you can run (as webinars or as live events) to generate high-quality, qualified leads.  Each seminar includes the slide deck and workbook.  The system also includes all the necessary administrative templates as well as proven email invitations, social media posts and event website copy.  There is also a planning spreadsheet that tells you exactly what to do when in order to create, market and run a successful event;
  • White papers that you can use as clickbait on your website or to build credibility with prospects;
  • Case studies that you can use on your website or as marketing collateral to build your credibility and your prospects' confidence

This means that when you subscribe to the BusinessCoachKit Marketing System you can be confident of generating the high-quality leads that you need to grow your business.