So how does BusinessCoachKit help you as a business coach or as a professional advisor wanting to add business coaching to your portfolio?

If you’ve been a coach for a while you’ll recognise these three challenges:

Firstly, the challenge of generating enough high-quality coaching leads.

Secondly, the challenge of converting a high proportion of those leads into clients.

Thirdly, the challenge of demonstrating the value you are delivering and so retaining clients for the long term.

BusinessCoachKit generates a flow of high-quality leads using a proven marketing system matching a unique solution to a well-defined niche. Used properly this is guaranteed to produce well-qualified leads - business owners who have the problem you solve, who have proven their commitment to change and who know you have the best solution.

BusinessCoachKit converts a high proportion of those leads into clients at the fees you want to charge by selling only to well-qualified leads, selling them a solution matched to their problem and one which is tangible, understandable, credible, plannable and measurable and by giving you a sales process designed to help prospects sell to themselves

Using BusinessCoachKit means you continue to demonstrate value and retain clients over the long term. A shared framework helps you and the client assess areas for improvement, agreeing changes and priorities commit the client to an action plan, and progress tracking against the client’s stated objectives demonstrate value.

Let’s look at how BusinessCoachkit does all this:

BusinessCoachKit is based on systemisation coaching.

Systemisation is a way to help business owners run their business differently. Instead of doing everything themselves and making all the decisions they delegate and manage the performance of others.

Systemisation is targeted at businesses with between five and twenty employees with owners who are ambitious to grow further.

These owners are running real businesses, have real income, are committed and are ready to change. That is why they make great coaching clients.

You are looking at the Systemisation Roadmap, which is the framework we use for systemisation coaching. This diagram is readily understood by business owners and as such is a great sales tool and a great coaching tool. This page is used to do both things.

You can see it shows a number of deliverables, or business changes, and the dependencies between them. This framework covers the journey from being a trapped business owner to one who is running a scalable business.

You can see that the Systemisation Roadmap is the first tab of the Client Coaching Planner. Each of your prospects and clients has their own coaching planner. You can use the system online and share the screen with your client. You can use it face to face on your laptop or tablet. You can even print it off and use it in coaching meetings.

The coaching planner has several other tabs:

The Progress tab is where you record the status and progress of clients on the Systemisation Roadmap. Each row matches a deliverable on the Roadmap. In discussion with your client you can agree whether this part of their business works well (green), needs improvement (amber) or is missing (red).

You can prioritise those deliverables that need work. In this way you and your client have a simple shared action plan for their business and your coaching engagement.

There is guidance for each deliverable that explains what it is and the benefits to the client of implementing it.

BusinessCoachKit provides links to the resources required to help your client implement the required changes. You can open and discuss these resources with your client in the meeting or you can email them to them afterwards. These resources are held within The Coaching System, which we will look at in another video.

The Notes tab is where you capture the key points of the coaching meeting and suggested actions to be taken. These notes can be saved and emailed to the client and are ready for you when you prepare for the next meeting.

The Client tab is where you record the key information about the client, including their objectives for working with you.

There is a coaching resource search box on each tab. Entering a search term will retrieve links to all matching resources within The Coaching System. There are hundreds of them, all branded with your logo.

Your client portfolio is managed from the Coach Portal. This is the screen you log in to. You can add, edit and delete clients from here. You can also manage your account – including uploading your own logo which will then appear on every page instead of the BusinessCoachKit one.

BusinessCoachKit helps you with much more than just the coaching part of your job. As well as links to The Coaching System, each screen has links to The Sales and Marketing System, The Workshop System and The Support System.

  • The Sales and Marketing System is a complete, proven way for you to find and sign up systemisation coaching clients.
  • The Workshop System is a complete workshop programme for you to offer your smaller prospects.
  • The Support System is a comprehensive set of training modules covering every aspect of using The BusinessCoachKit.

Each of these areas is explained in the videos behind the links above.