Numerous studies have shown that coaching improves business performance – but only a small minority of business owners invest in business coaching.

One of the reasons for this is that the benefits seem intangible to some business owners.  They may well feel that they could do better and perhaps they recognise that they need advice – but the cost is immediate and certain whilst the benefits appear far off and uncertain.

Your marketing and sales process needs to address this by providing more tangible evidence of benefits.  Some franchised coaching products try to deal with it by selling pre-defined programmes of work.  There are some drawbacks to this approach:

  • It assumes that all business owners can be shoe-horned into the same solution to the same problem;
  • It is inflexible, and client priorities quickly start to deviate from the prescribed coaching activities;
  • It means the client must commit to (and you must sell) a significant up-front investment;
  • It has a natural break point built in; you must sell another programme at the end of the first one

An alternative approach is to provide a richer and less prescriptive roadmap for the coaching progress.  This roadmap provides you and the client with direction, objectives and evidence of progress whilst allowing for any starting point and many different routes to the desired state.  The roadmap also provides the confidence of knowing that it has been successfully applied by many other business owners and in fact distilled from what has worked for them.

Combining this with a tool that gives a simple, relevant assessment of current state, desired state and the steps between these two things is not only a powerful coaching framework but also a powerful sales tool.

BusinessCoachKit provides the Systemisation Roadmap and the Systemisation Planner to help you build confidence in the minds of your prospects and clients.  Applying these tools will bring you more clients who stay with you longer.