Introduction to The Marketing System for Business Coaches

Your coaching business, like any business, will only grow if you can market it effectively.

The problem for many business coaches is the sheer number of ways to market their service. Where do you start? Which marketing will work best? How much should I spend?

This one-hour online coaching session introduces you to The Marketing System; a proven way of generating sales opportunities with new coaching clients.

This online one-hour lesson introduces The Marketing System and shows you how to create a suite of marketing activities that are integrated, measurable and focused on generating sales opportunities. Using the system turns your marketing from an ad-hoc, spray and pray approach into something that is tuned for maximum effectiveness and return on investment. We'll also cover the key elements of things such as Facebook maarketing, email marketing, networking and webinar marketing.

If you are unsure about how best to set up your marketing then this hour of coaching will make sure you hit the ground running and avoid the cost and pain of learning through trial and error. It will more than pay for itself in the first sale you make and continue to benefit you for years.


  • Format: Online 121 training
  • Duration: 1 hour

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