Bundle: Operations and service guides and templates

Operations is everything the business does between getting the order and delivering the service or product to the customer. Most business owners will have problems in this area, whether that be scheduling, over-committing, late deliveries, re-work, returns...or any number of other inefficiencies.

This business guides and templates bundle helps you coach business owners by providing ready-made operations and customer service resources that you can convert to your own branding and share with them.

Helping make simple changes here can have dramatic impact on customer service and profitability - just the sort of thing they pay you to be their coach for

Download and re-brand these proven, ready-made resources in just a few minutes.

The bundle contains:

  • Customer Service
  • Effective It
  • Manpower Planner
  • Ousourcing and Sub-contracting
  • Productivity
  • Quality Control
  • Service Plan
  • Utilisation


  • Format: Word
  • Note that some of these resources may be included in other bundles

All materials are editable and customisable to your own branding and coach-specific content within the terms of our license.

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