Starter Pack: Essential business coaching tools

This pack provides a really useful set of basic coaching tools that you can use in any business coaching situation.

The pack contains materials to work through with your client to understand the strengths and weaknesses both in their business and in the way they run it. They are all simple to use yet offer powerful insights into where your client needs help.

Using these tools will help you provide immediate value to your clients and build their confidence in you as a coach.

What you get:

  • Action Matrix - Example
  • Annual Planner
  • Business Wheel
  • Coaching Preparation - Business Assessment
  • Coaching Preparation - Objectives
  • Coaching Preparation - Personal Assessment
  • Delegation Planner
  • Setting Objectives
  • Swot Analysis
  • Useful Coaching Questions
  • Visioning Tool - Example


  • Format: Word
  • All materials are editable and customisable to your own branding and coach-specific content within the terms of our license.

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