Introduction to running a group coaching programme

This one-hour online session is designed to help you design, market and run your own unique, branded group coaching programme.

Group coaching offers a way to scale your coaching practice as there are no practical limits on either the number of clients you can sign to each programme or the number of programmes you can run. The content is of course reusable. This all means you can separate your income from the hours you spend coaching.

Group coaching also provides a different dynamic. Clients enjoy the interaction with other business owners and learning and solving problems together - it's also great fun for the coach! Many coaches run a mix of group and 121 coaching.

In this one-hour online lesson we'll cover

  • Creating a learning framework and theme for your programme
  • Creating a plan/do/review framework for group members so they are held accountable
  • Workshop structure and lesson plans
  • Generating interactivity
  • Pricing and marketing your programme
  • Practical considerations like contracts and getting paid

The session will use the BusinessCoachKit workshop programme to provide examples for the training but you can apply the learning to creating your own bespoke programme materials.


  • Format: Online 121 training
  • Duration: 1 hour

All materials are editable and customisable to your own branding and coach-specific content within the terms of our license.

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